Health Links™, in partnership with incentaHEALTH, is working to expand access to National Diabetes Prevention Programs. The risk test is a tool to gain understanding of the risk of type 2 diabetes among working adults. All information is kept confidential and will be used to potentially expand support at your workplace.

What is a Diabetes Prevention Program?

The National Diabetes Prevention Program is CDC-based and offered by organizational partners. The goal is to help people develop a healthy lifestyle and reduce their risk for type 2 diabetes through healthy eating education, increasing physical activity, and managing stress with the support of a trained coach.

The Benefits Of A Healthy Body

Eating healthier and moving more not only will make you feel better inside and out - it will also help you reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other chronic conditions.

Healthy Lifestyle Success Stories


I was 45 pounds overweight, prediabetic and hypertensive. I needed to change. I have so much energy now. I ran my first marathon. My last screening for diabetes is normal, AND my blood pressure medication was cut in half.


My parents died young. My dad was diabetic. My mom had heart problems. When I got to be their age, I said I’m not ready to go. I started eating more fruits and vegetables and gave up a lot of the fatty foods. Rain, snow or shine, I’m out walking.